Ready to start planning for your next growing season? You’ve gathered all this information throughout the year now it’s time to implement it into the Agrian system.

Utilizing your harvest data in your account through the Logged Data Uploader is crucial to help begin planning for next year.  Once your data is in the system you can run an analysis to see what went right for your operation in the past year and plan for the next.

With Crop Planning by Agrian you can plan your whole growing season. 

Build Templates: Create multiple budgets to store in your template dashboard for quick, easy application to multiple fields with a single click.  This allows you to customize template budgets to the last detail with minimal effort.The customizable tool allows you to set up all areas specific to your operation. Add various costs associated with all cropping phases: pre-season, plant, in-season, harvest, post-harvest and other costs. You can plan your profitability by specifying your target, low and high values for yield and crop market prices to help plan for best and worst case scenarios.

Build Crop Plans: Create field-by-field customizable plans by assigning your various templates to any combination of fields with one click. This tool also displays multiple years of crop history. Use your data as a reference to construct accurate crop rotations, ensuring the right crops go to the right acres.

Build Scenarios: Scenarios allow you to create multiple plans for your farm for comparison. You can easily analyze the profitability potential of scenarios like converting a field to alfalfa, double-cropping, or incorporating additional products to increase yield potential. A comparison view of your scenarios will analyze your crop mixes as well as profitability and expense breakdowns, ensuring you’re choosing the best plan for your upcoming season.

With Crop Planning by Agrian you can easily adjust your plan to fit your needs. Stay more organized and be ahead of the game by developing a detailed plan. We all know things don’t always go according to plan, but with Crop Planning by Agrian you can minimize risk and project profitability.

If you would like to start using this feature in your account today, please contact