Weeds are the single most important reason for crop losses worldwide. These are the guys that are competing for light, water, and nutrients with your crop. Here are some tips to give your crop that competitive edge against those pesky guys.

  • Evaluate your management program. Analyze what you’ve done in the past, what has worked, what hasn’t worked- it’s here where you can find improvements.
  • Rotating crops throws the weeds off their game. Weeds are notorious for adapting to their environment; don’t give them the light of day- literally.
  • Preventative practices. There are many ways that the weeds get into your crop take precautions to eliminate some of the most common sources. For example: cleaning your tillage and harvest equipment. Weeds can easily spread field to field
  • Control weeds in the surrounding areas. This includes roadways, fence line, ditches, etc.
  • Adjust row widths and planting densities accordingly. The less real estate available for weed growth, the better.
  • It’s true, crops can handle a certain threshold of weeds before damaging your yield. But keep a close eye out and start while you’re ahead.
  • Scout your fields. The Agrian mobile scouting gives you all the tools to scout more efficiently and have a record.  With Agrian’s scouting features you can target scouting based on imagery or scout in the field in real time.

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