We’ve got a host of features within Agrian that are absolutely free. No money, and no strings. Here’s the list.
Largest Manufacturer Indemnified Label Database

Access to the largest manufacturer-indemnified crop protection label database featuring over 9,000 crop protection labels.

Our comprehensive label database is backed by 350 supporting manufacturers and is updated daily. You can find our label lookup search box, which is easily accessible on our homepage.  The label features general label information, crop specific label information (rate, REI, PHI), Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Department of Transportation (DOT) information. Be sure to check out the advanced tab when searching labels it gives you a lot of different options and makes searching a cinch.


Ability to create Recommendations (REC) using Agrian’s vast label archive.

Saving you time and paper, you can write the report electronically using Agrian. You can safely recommend products for usage on commodities per the manufacturer’s specifications and have the ability to search past filed recommendations in your account.


Convert recommendations into Product Use Reports (PUR)

After a recommendation is written you have the ability to share to a grower or applicator so that it can be converted into a product use report.  When the report is converted it show REI, PHI and other warnings as well, per request from the manufacturer. Once date and time of application are selected you can import weather information for the application.


The power to sharePesticide Use Reports with handlers, processors and government entities

Streamline communications; send reports directly to those individuals with a click of a button. Once you share the data, the receiving parties can run reports to see what has been applied to different commodities to make sure they are within compliance.


Free customer support

Our support team is available to answer any questions or clarify details to make your Agrian experience a positive one. There are two ways to contact our support team. By phone: 559-437-5700 or by email: support@agrian.com