Imagery, another tool to add to your precision toolbox. Imagery can give you insight to make informed decisions throughout your growing season. Imagery can get a little technical but in a nutshell- it is a “picture of crop vigor in time” which can be compared to other images in sequence to monitor crop health in a growing season.

So what kind of information will that give you…the valuable kind. Imagery can help you identify crop vigor variability. Which may be an expression of nutrient deficiencies, weed/pest pressure, or other stress. This gives you the ability to quickly identify possible high-risk zones. Imagery can also be used for farm planning, compare prior growing seasons and assessment of crop yield.

With great power, comes responsibility. This means if you’re going to use imagery in your precision program you do need to understand how to read it. Below is a typical scenario that may show up in your imagery, cloud shadows.

Being able to identify and distinguish cloud and cloud shadows can help you debunk any inaccuracies.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 7.34.02 AM


Imagery season runs May 15th through September 15th.  You can add imagery to your Agrian account today. With imagery, Agrian guarantee’s one image per month, sometimes more depending on weather conditions.  With Agrian, images are delivered directly to your online and mobile accounts. This includes layovers: NDVI, Color Infrared (CIR), and True Color (Natural Color). With these images in your Agrian account you can create management zones, create a target event, and even use Agrian’s scouting app to ground truth what is going on in those lower vegetation areas. If you’d like imagery available in your account today, please contact