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One solution for all seasons all crops all markets

Designed and built for you.

Our cloud-based software gives Ag Retailers, Agronomists, Growers and Food Processors the flexibility to work where they want, when they want – with predictable pricing that leaves per-acre fees behind, forever.

Simple and unified.

A unified platform has been the key to TELUS Agronomy’s success. One that allows our users from each segment of the food supply chain to oversee the specific tasks that are relevant to their business – all to do it all in a format that is strikingly intuitive and easy to use.

Retail Locations
Food Companies

Tested and fine-tuned.

Over the past decade, our platform has empowered thousands of growers and advisors on millions of crop acres. TELUS Agronomy’s software eliminates the need for “point products” that only do one thing. Instead, our users bring together data from multiple sources, including yield monitors, satellites, soil maps and tissue and soil testing labs, all into one centralized data platform designed to work together from the ground up.

Our users seek to simplify workflows, increase profits, and grow the future success of their businesses – they use TELUS Agronomy each day to help make smarter, faster and safer decisions.

Applied at scale

TELUS Agronomy is helping agri-businesses of all sizes move their workflows onto a single and unified platform.


The number of total acres that have run through Agrian’s compliance check.


The number of total partner integrations tallied to date.


The number of growers managed through advisor/retailer accounts

Your privacy matters to us.

As from the inception of TELUS Agronomy, and as our privacy policy states, TELUS Agronomy does not sell or in any way convey grower, crop advisor/agronomist, distributor, or applicator data to anyone. We don’t sell a list of our users. It’s your data and you own it.

Integrate with the tech you want to use.

TELUS Agronomy plays nice with other technologies – meaning you benefit from a platform that can integrate, or talk with the tech you decide is best for your business. No handcuff, just control and ownership over your data.

Learn more about Agrian Integrations

The best label database.

Best management practices are built on the foundation of accurate and transparent information. That’s why our Label Lookup is completely free to access. Free to users. Free to manufacturer/registrant participants. And free to embed on any website. With more than 12,000 indemnified manufacturer registrant labels and supporting documents (including MSDS, Section 24c, 2ee and organic certificates), our Label Lookup is the only one you’ll ever need.

Explore our Label Database

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