Scenario: You’ve implemented a conservation practice to help heal your soil, for years this soil has produced a great crop but recently you’ve noticed a difference- patchy areas and lower yield. This year you’ve decided to try a cover crop.

Using a cover crop is a good example of a conservation method. Not only will the right cover crop suppress weeds but they also offer many other benefits to the soil such as: adding organic matter to the soil, suppress soil diseases and pests, and protect the soil from rain and run off. Another conservation practice is no-till, to maintain the soil surface reducing water erosion. Again, these practices aren’t for everyone or every crop for that matter.

You take the plunge into a conservation method to help bring life back into the soil. But how will you measure the effectiveness?


Agrian has an excellent tool for just that: Field Sampling. This feature includes soil and tissue sampling. Working seamlessly with lab data, equations, and multiple variable inputs while allowing the opportunity to compile a soil analysis library. This tool will allow you to see your soil nutrient and health measurements. This can help your operation better maximize productivity and better understand the overall health of your soil.


Even if you are not implementing any new practices, it’s still important to know the health of your soil. For more information on Agrian’s Field Sampling tool please contact