Weeds: The Guys Competing With Your Crop

  Weeds are the single most important reason for crop losses worldwide. These are the guys that are competing for light, water, and nutrients with your crop. Here are some tips to give your crop that competitive edge against those pesky guys. Evaluate your management program. Analyze what you’ve done in the past, what has […]

The Value Of Imagery

Imagery, another tool to add to your precision toolbox. Imagery can give you insight to make informed decisions throughout your growing season. Imagery can get a little technical but in a nutshell- it is a “picture of crop vigor in time” which can be compared to other images in sequence to monitor crop health in […]

It All Starts With The Soil

  Scenario: You’ve implemented a conservation practice to help heal your soil, for years this soil has produced a great crop but recently you’ve noticed a difference- patchy areas and lower yield. This year you’ve decided to try a cover crop. Using a cover crop is a good example of a conservation method. Not only […]

Wait, I can do that for free with Agrian?

We’ve got a host of features within Agrian that are absolutely free. No money, and no strings. Here’s the list. Largest Manufacturer Indemnified Label Database Access to the largest manufacturer-indemnified crop protection label database featuring over 9,000 crop protection labels. Our comprehensive label database is backed by 350 supporting manufacturers and is updated daily. You can […]

When Harvest Is Over the Planning Begins

Ready to start planning for your next growing season? You’ve gathered all this information throughout the year now it’s time to implement it into the Agrian system. Utilizing your harvest data in your account through the Logged Data Uploader is crucial to help begin planning for next year.  Once your data is in the system […]

10 Burning Questions From Agrian Users

We recently asked our world class support department what are the most frequently asked questions. Here’s a recap of the top 10. 1.) I am trying to access a product in the label center, but I received an error stating product access restricted, Why am I receiving this error? A: If you are accessing the Label Center […]

Get The Total Picture With Pinpoint Accuracy

Food chain traceability sounds simple enough to the consumer, but for those of us in the industry we know that it is a complex issue. It requires consistent standards and advanced technology in an ever-demanding world of data. Agrian provides an easy and simple solution to this demanding challenge. Agrian can dynamically and securely share […]

Transporting Pesticides, Are You Properly Prepared?

Pesticides should always be transported in a safe and correct manner. According the US Department of Transportation, one of the most frequently cited safety violations is the failure of the shipper to properly describe hazardous materials on their shipping papers. Fines and clean up fees can result in serious monetary fines. The Hazardous Materials Regulations do not require a shipper to use a specific form but does require the proper information be placed on the shipping papers in a prescribed order, and the information must meet the regulatory requirements describing the hazardous material.

The Five Pillars Of Modern Agriculture

Farming seems so simple. Plant something, nurture it, harvest it. But those who live and breathe this industry understand that this business of growing things has always been more complicated than that. Most will also tell you that farming has never been more complex than it is today. That’s because there is more opportunity than […]

Welcome to the New Agrian.com

As the farming landscape changes, so to do the needs of the customers we serve – representatives of every link in the agricultural food chain. That’s why we’ve updated agrian.com, combining the great features you’ve come to expect with a design more reflective of our perspective.